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Magnetic Hematite Beaded anklet: A magnetic hematite anklet with decorative stone and glass beads on an elastic cord. Fits most. Color/style of beads will vary and is randomly chosen. 4 1/4"

Green glass seed beads anklet. Length: 9.5'' Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.

The kada anklet - Made out of silver, this anklet design was earlier relegated only to the jewelry box of rural women but is now fast making its place in all fashion circuits. Circular like a sturdy kada, these anklets are made both in gold and silver and are the no-fuss anklets.

green Women's Ankle Boots. Filter (1) Classic Ankle Boots Cowboy & Biker Ankle Boots Heeled Ankle Boots Lace up Ankle Boots Platform Ankle Boots. Discover Gift Cards. Sort. Size. Brand. Price. Colour. Type of heel. Heel height. Pattern. Leg height. Material. Toe. Lining. Fastener. New products.

Green Anole (Anolis carolinensis). The most commonly kept and widespread of all species of Anolis, the green anole, indigenous to the southern United States, has been popular in the pet trade since the 1950s.With a dorsal coat of lime to emerald green (very rare and gorgeous specimens are tinted blue) and possessing a vibrant, pinkish dewlap (accentuated in the males, reduced in the females

Price per piece (1) ☆ Gold plated ☆ Handmade with love ☆ Mix and match with your favorite jewellery ☆ 25 cm All our items are gold plated and made from a brass base metal that has been dipped in a gold bath. This means that everything is hypo allergenic. If you take care of our items the gold plating will last a long time.

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