Girls Wearing Anklets

October Birthstone Anklet Girls Butterfly Silver Anklet

Ornaments like iron anklets, called Othivela, and armlets, called Othingo, are worn by girls as well as adult women. Mucubal women are also famous for the string they have around their breast, called oyonduthi, which is used as a bra.

The ankle bracelet became popular in the United States in the twentieth century. In the 1950s bobby sockers wore the jewelry to enhance their white socks. In the 1970s, women began wearing anklets that featured their name or initials. While they can be worn by men or women, the ankle bracelet continues to be more popular with women.

Dancing girls, on the other hand,supposedly wore anklets with small bells on them. Then, in the 1970s, the women who were into the so-called "sexual revolution," were seen wearing anklets, too. Perhaps, the mix of these cultural influences influenced the symbolism of the accessory at present.

Wearing one depends on your personal style and taste and on what you feel comfortable with wearing. Some may prefer to wear an anklet year-round while others opt to wear it only during summer months while at the beach or pool. No matter what you decide, there are some basic ankle bracelet etiquette rules to keep in mind when wearing your anklet.

The women wearing anklets on their right ankles were being referred as call girls. However, in Christianity it is the left side that is considered to be the symbol of Devil and everything connected with evil forces in general.

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October Birthstone Anklet Girls Butterfly Silver Anklet
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