Eternity Locking Anklet

Anklet in Stainless Steel Eternity

Anklets Worn around the ankle, anklet bracelets are a fashion trend with a rich history. Originating in areas such as Egypt and India, anklet bracelets have been worn for centuries for religious and personal reasons. In the United States, anklet bracelets became popular in the 1930s as a fashion statement and continue to be a growing trend.

A locking ankle can be a symptom of a variety of conditions. These include a ligament tear, ankle instability, arthritis, bone spurs and a condition known as osteochondritis dissecans. If you experience ankle locking as you walk, contact your doctor for a diagnosis. Close up of a person's ankle as they grasp it.

QUOTE: "On her left ankle was a narrow, locked slave anklet. Then, quickly, she concealed her leg and ankle within the robe. The slave collar, of one form or another, band or bar, or chain and lock, is almost universal on Gor for slaves. On the other hand, some masters use a bracelet or anklet.

Featuring a hex-screw locking mechanism, this chain anklet provides a comfortable, discreet look for everyday wear. Available in marine-grade stainless steel and premium titanium parts and chain. Dimensions and Extra Info Weight: ~1.0oz

This unique lockable anklet is attractive without being ostentatious. It is popular for casual, costume and BDSM wear, Reminiscent of old fashioned manacles, the doubled steel chain also allows adjustable placement for the included light-weight lock.

High Grade 316L Stainless Steel Locking BDSM Slave Bondage Ankle Anklet Collar. Details about High Grade 316L Stainless Steel Locking BDSM Slave BondageAnkle Anklet Collar. The Free Nickle Plated lock that comes with this listing will also hold up to 24/7 wear without damaging the lock's

Anklet in Stainless Steel Eternity
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Anklet in Stainless Steel Eternity
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